Olivia Kelly

Winter 2012

I was fortunate to spend 5 weeks over the winter break working at the Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre (AILC) in Canberra. Slightly miffed that this also meant I could not escape a very cold Canberra winter, I began nonetheless with an open mind and excitement! My experience over the next few weeks surpassed all my expectations.

The AILC is a not-for-profit organisation that delivers leadership training to Indigenous Australians. The work I did at the AILC was varied, challenging and interesting. My principle role was to interview graduates of AILC courses and compile case studies to be made into a book for AILC marketing purposes. I was also involved in the organisation of the AILC National Forum, which will be held in Canberra in November. It was the people that I had the opportunity to talk to, question and learn from that had the most profound impact on me. I feel incredibly privileged to have had the opportunity to be challenged and inspired by the people I worked with and met through the AILC.

I highly recommend the Aurora Internship Program to anyone who has an interest in Indigenous issues, social justice or is seeking a social science or legal experience of significance and value. The Aurora Project is connected with many organisations around Australia, such as the AILC, doing similarly significant and life-changing work. This is a unique opportunity for students and recent to work in such organisations.

As Australians, and particularly as law students, we have a responsibility to, at the very least, be conscious of Australia’s Indigenous legal, social and political history. Undertaking an Aurora internship is a great way of seeing first-hand policy and issues and how they affect real people. If you don’t already have an interest in this area I’m certain this will be an experience that sparks your interest and compels you to consider and challenge Australia’s current social and political landscape and perhaps even your future career path!

For more information about the Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre, visit http://www.indigenousleadership.org.au